Cybersecurity Consultation

Our expert cybersecurity team (Team Inveteck) treats cybersecurity as a process. We analyze and examine client’s problems and give an in-depth solution to their problems. We guide our clients towards the next phase in system security.

Vulnerability Assessment

After assessing organizations vulnerability, Inveteck Global helps them understand their key technology risks and how they can control such risks. This is the initiative taken by an organization to eliminate misconfigurations before attackers exploit the vulnerabilities.

Ethical Hacking Practical Training

Inveteck Global provides the best and full Ethical Hacking practical training course to employees and students in Ghana. Our professional Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Experts (TeamInveteck) are among the best teams in the world on hackthebox, which is a platform for competing with international top ranked hackers. We create special labs mimicking real live systems for trainees to practice their skills without harming live servers.

Cyber security Awareness Program

Inveteck Global aims to provide cyber security awareness to clients in both the private and government sectors. We educate clients with the most recent attacks used by threat vectors in compromising systems. As it’s known that humans are the weakest link in security and so every organizational body has to provide security awareness program to its employees.

Penetration Testing

Our elite penetration testers (Team Inveteck) conduct comprehensive in-depth penetration testing on the organization’s systems, with the owner’s approval, revealing security flaws within the same way as real attackers do.

Advanced Persistent Threat

Our expert ethical hackers (TeamInveteck) develop sophisticated, systematic cyber-attacks mimicking adversaries against an organization to test how quick their blue team can detect and prevent the attack.


Jeopardy style CTFs challenges are divided into categories.

  1. OSINT – Open source intelligence knowledge to find a hidden flag.
  2. Cryptography - Typically involves decrypting or encrypting a piece of data
  3. Stegan - Reverse engineering or exploiting a binary file
  4. Web - Exploiting web pages to find the flag
  5. Pwn - Exploiting a server to find the flag
  1. They learn new skills during the competition.

  2. Gives them hands-on experience in cyber security.

  3. Helps them sharpen the tool knowledge they learn during cyber security trainings.

  1. To provide trainees with the knowledge and current techniques used by hackers during an attack.

  2. To provide trainees with the modern tools used by hackers.

  3. To provide modern environment for trainees to legally hack them.

  4. A final test lab is prepared to examine how best trainees learnt from the previous labs.

  1. Builds up critical thinking skills in participants.

  2. Buildings up team working spirit by participating in groups.

  3. Build up some skills and knowledge during the CTF competition.

  4. Build your Linux skills and programming skills during the CTF.

  1. To make people aware of their own flaws.

  2. Develop a security-focused culture.