Gaining Real-World Cyber Security Training with US

We are Ghana's #1 fully practical cyber security academy

We build real-world simulated environment to train government officials and students in the field of cyber security

Networking and Security Consultation

Our experts treat cyber security as a process. We analyze clients problems and give an in-depth solution to their problems.

Ethical Hacking Practical Training

Inveteck Global provides fully practical Ethical Hacking training to employees and students around the globe.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Inveteck Global aims to provide cyber security awareness to clients in both the private and government sector.

Vulnerability Assessment

After assessing organizations vulnerability, Inveteck Global helps them understand their key technology risks and how they can control such risks.

Penetration Testing

Our elite penetration testers conduct comprehensive in-depth penetration testing on the organization’s systems, with the owner’s approval, revealing security flaws within the same way as real attackers do.

Red Team Simulation

Our red teamers develop sophisticated, systematic cyber-attacks mimicking adversaries against an organization to test how quick their blue team can detect and prevent the attack.



To bridge the global cybersecurity skills gap through high-value practical training.


Ensure the security of clients infrastructure and environment.


To provide cost effective training.


To be the most nurturing cybersecurity company in Africa and establish a long lasting relationship with our clients.

Networking & security Consultation

Our consultants see cyber security as a continuous process. We analyze challenges, offer tailored solutions, and guide clients towards enhanced system security.

Vulnerability Assessment

We evaluate organizations' vulnerability, Inveteck Global assists in identifying and managing key technology risks, aiming to eliminate misconfigurations and prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities.

Ethical Hacking Practical Training

We provide comprehensive, hands-on ethical hacking training for employees and students. Our skilled hackers, well-known in the global offensive security community, deliver trainings using specialized labs that mimic real-world systems without harming live servers.

Cyber security Awareness Program

We educate both private and government clients on cyber security, highlighting recent threats and the importance of employee awareness in safeguarding systems

Penetration Testing

Our professional penetration testers perform thorough tests on the organization's systems, approved by the owner, uncovering security vulnerabilities like real attackers.

Red Team Simulation

Our red team creates advanced cyber-attacks mimicking adversaries to test the speed and effectiveness of the organization's blue team in detecting and stopping them.

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